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The Hackamore Calli  is a great option for horses with small and narrow faces.

It comes with a softly padded noseband and a wider shaped soft padding behind the ears. 

The bridle is widely adjustable on the cheek pieces, jaw strap, nose strap, and chin strap.

It has protection on the cheek pieces at the jaw straps.

The jaw strap is glued to the cheekpiece's ring on the right side and attached to the cheekpiece's left with clip closure. 

The included reins are 15 mm wide and equipped with stops. 
The rein has a buckle closure at the ends and is divisible through a buckle closure. 

♥ Adjustable soft padded noseband,  

cheek pieces, jaw strap, nose, and chin strap 

♥ Good quality leather

♥ Soft and anatomical behind the ears

♥ Including divisible rein with buckle closure

Made by F.R.A - Freedom Riding Articles

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Sizes: Pony, Cob or Full 
Colors: Black or Brown

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Always take care to check stitching and quality of any product before use.


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