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This bridle is incredibly popular and comes complete with reins and the star Cavemore ring.

Comes with a softly padded nose band and headpiece. 
Three movable rings are attached to the nose band, acting as a cavesson. 
The bridle is widely adjustable on the cheek pieces, jaw strap, nose strap, and chin strap.  

♥ Top leather quality

♥ Anatomically shaped headpiece

♥ Softly padded nose, chin strap, and headpiece

♥ Wide adjustable nose-band

♥ Comes with reins

♥ Three movable rings on the nose area

♥ Also available in large sizes

♥ Includes 14mm wide continuous rein
♥ Sizes Cob to Shire

Made by F.R.A - Freedom Riding Articles

Product Information


Size or Dimensions

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  • Not available in pony sizes

Size chart:

Measure | A: Nose circumference | B: Jaw strap | C: Headpiece | Noseband | Chinstrap | Browband
Cob            | n.a                                             | n.a                      | n.a                        | 26 - 30 cm | 15 - 21 cm | n.a
Full             | n.a                                             | n.a                      | n.a                        | 30 - 34 cm | 18 - 24 cm | n.a
Shire         | n.a                                             | n.a                      | n.a                        | 34 - 38 cm | 21 - 26 cm | n.a


  • Black with silver-colored buckles and rings
  • Havana with silver-colored buckles and rings

Special Instructions

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Always take care to check stitching and quality of any product before use.


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