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A TWO-IN-ONE and 'buckle-free' bitless bridle designed by Zoë ♥

There is nothing out there quite like it.

This amazing NEW bridle comes with the following unique functions:

♥ Brown and black braided leather
♥ Unique buckle-free system
♥ 2 x interchangeable nose bands (can switch between normal or 3-ring cavesson)
♥ Nosebands can be changed whilst on the horse 
♥ Normal noseband is embossed with a heart
♥ Both nosebands are padded and come with the bridle
♥ Snap on brow band is embossed with a heart
♥ Heart 'cavemore' scissors (bridle can also be used with other scissors)
♥ Head piece is adjustable (on top instead of the cheek pieces)

♥ Adjustable headpiece has a cushion

♥ Buckle free jaw/cheek strap (prevents bridle going in the eyes)

♥ Buckle-free reins are half braided

♥ High braided quality leather  

Sizes pony, cob and full
(see sizes & dimensions below)

See also our matching neck-rein HERE

Made by F.R.A - Freedom Riding Articles

Product Information



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The idea of this unique piece of equipment in combination with the neck-rein came to me late 2017. 

Early 2018 I sketched it on paper for basically - you never know what could happen.

In 2020 Freedom Riding Articles - FRA took interest in the designs and the process started.

Move forwards to present day with huge thanks to them, we now have two fabulous items in both this bridle and the neck-rein.

Made by an equestrians for equestrians, with love from Zoë ♥

Size or Dimensions

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Not every bridle will fit every horse, however we have done our best to accommodate that as much as possible!

The following information is based on using the 'Heart' scissors as seen in the pictures:

If you pony is a true to pony size then the pony size may well suit your pony.
If your pony is pony size but has a large forehead then this bridle might not suit your pony.


If your horse is cob with a standard cob size nose, then the cob size may well suit your horse.
If your horse is cob with but a smaller nose type, then this bridle might not suit your horse.
If your horse fits towards the end of cob size and beginning of full, your horse may well suit the cob size.

If your horse is full with a full size nose, then the full size may well suit your horse.
If your horse is full with a smaller nose type, then this bridle might not suit your horse.
If your horse horse is draft and you struggle to find bigger sizes, the full size may well suit your horse.

Colors: Black & brown 15mm braided leather

Sizes: Pony, Cob or Full 

Special Instructions

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Always take care to check stitching and quality of any product before use.
Product is oiled and treated in the factory so does not need immediate oil treatment.


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