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This glitter hoof polish makes your horse's hooves shine like never before!

It is a real must-have for every rider and horse lover. 

Perfect for special occasions such as photo shoots and for the holidays.

What makes this glitter hoof polish so special?

Breathable formula
The formula is water-based and free of fats and oils, so it does not seal the hoof. The hoof can therefore continue to "breathe".

The formula moisturizes and hydrates to care for the hooves. They look radiant and healthy.

Easy application
The hoof polish is easy to apply with the brush provided. It dries in about 20 minutes, depending on temperature.

Good staying power
The glitter lasts for several days, depending on the ground the horse walks on. The glitters gradually become less visible.

Easy to remove
Remove the glitter hoof polish easily with a wet, hard brush.

Also suitable for the fur
These glitters are not only suitable for the hooves, but also for the coat! You can use stencils to create creative patterns and drawings. Let your creativity run wild!

Economical in use
You only need a little hoof polish each time for a sparkling result, making the hoof polish last a long time.

♥ Environmentally friendly
Naturally, this polish is free of microplastic, which is better for the environment.

Product Information


directions for use

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Clean the hoof and apply with a brush. 
For maximum effect apply 2 or 3 layers.

150 ml


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Dry and keep out of direct sunlight.


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