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Concentrated shampoo with conditioner for your horse.

Smells pleasant, cares and leaves a deep shine
♥ Contains very mild surfactants which prevents skin irritation

Can be used daily:
Surfactants support the resilience of the skin. These wax-like substances maintain the level of the epidermis layer of the skin. 
They also reduce the surface tension of the water to better soak off grease and dirt.

Hi Gloss Shampoo (& Conditioner) is double concentrated which means:
100 ml Hi Gloss Shampoo concentrate is equal to 300 ml of 'regular' shampoo
250 ml Hi Gloss Shampoo concentrate is equal to 750 ml of 'regular' shampoo
500 ml Hi Gloss Shampoo concentrate is equal to 1500 ml of 'regular' shampoo

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Dry and keep out of direct sunlight.


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