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Equi Parex is the 100% natural cleaning product and contributes to a healthy stomach and intestinal flora ♥

Complementary feed for horses.

Increases the resistance, activates the immune system and contributes to a healthy digestion.

♥ Herbal supplement specifically developed to keep the intestinal flora and general health of horses in optimum condition
♥ Composed of specific herbs and contains garlic, mint, thyme, cinnamon, bitter wood, Elecampane, fennel, cleavers, nettle and red elm
♥ Contributes to a healthy digestive flora.
♥ Gives your horse a shiny coat

Excellent for
♥ Elderly horses
♥ Pregnant mares
♥ Lactating mares
♥ Foals from 6 months
♥ Performance horses (

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FEEDING Instructions

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Five consecutive days 50 g (horse) mixed with feed or as a treat.  Ponies half.
Repeat every 12 weeks. 
If desired, it is possible to double the dose.
Equi Parex 5 x 50 g  is a ready made packaging. 
It contains 5 easy sacks of 50 g. 
Easy to use and to dose during 5 days.


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Keep out of direct sunlight.
Once opened reseal partially used packaging.


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