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Especially for sand eating horses to remove it from the horse's body and prevent digestive disorders of the large intestine.

Complementary feed (diet feed) for horses which can be added to wet-feed.

♥ Source of psyllium, a rich fiber
♥ Tasty and a great solution for picky eaters

For best results, mix with your horses daily feed for 6 consecutive days.

Test your horse:
Does your horse eat sand?
This can easily be tested by filling half a bucket of water with 5 or 6 manure balls. Leave the bucket and check the content after one hour.
If there is more than one teaspoon of sand at the bottom of the bucket, your horse has too much sand in its body.
Please note that this is not a 100% guarantee that your horse does not have sand in the intestines but is a good indicator.

Product Information


FEEDING Instructions

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Horse: 2 times a day 100 g for 6 days.
Pony/foal: 2 times a day 50 g for 6 days.
1 bucket, 1200 g is enough for an adult horse.

Each pack contains a measuring spoon of +/- 40 grams.
For optimal results, repeat monthly.


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Keep out of direct sunlight.
Once opened reseal partially used packaging.


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