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Vitasporal Sport is the secret weapon for top performance.

It ensures that your horse has more energy during competitions and recovers faster afterwards.

Compared to the original Vitasporal:

♥ It contains extra vitamin A and D3 

♥ Has a yellowish colour and does not cause red foam in the mouth 

It is a complementary feed for horses and  

can also acts as a pick-me-up 

 ♥ Gives your horse more energy during competitions

♥ Supports faster recovery after competitions

♥ Is the booster full of vitamins and nutrition, for extra energy

♥ Contains dextrose, vegetable oils and vegetable fats as energy sources

♥ Provides an even release of energy for up to 8 hours

♥ Is easy to administer thanks to the handy injector.

♥ Is very palatable for horses. 

When best to use:

♥ Before a competition
♥ For recovery during or after sickness 
♥  For lactating mares
♥ For foals immediately after birth
♥ For growing foals or young horses
♥ Older horses
♥  A dull coat or during shedding
♥  Every 4 weeks at winter months
♥  To support resistance
♥ Extra support during therapy

Product Information


FEEDING Instructions

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1 injector per horse / half for pony.
Preferably before competitions or every 4 weeks for support.


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Keep out of direct sunlight.


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