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When the horse needs more energy, power and endurance, without getting nervous.

Feed supplement for horses.

Contains 100% vegetable essential
omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
For a better digestion, stimulates the bowel function and gives the coat a beautiful shine
Is particularly suited to the strengthening of older horses or aid recovery

A tasteful energy for horses, excellent for:

Elderly horses
Pregnant mares
After illness or upon recovery
Performance horses (sport and draft horses)

Product Information



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Horse: 60 ml per day.
Performance feed instruction:

Day 1: 2 x 50 ml per day

Day 2: 2 x 50 ml per day
Day 3: 2 x 75 ml per day
Day 4: 2 x 75 ml per day
Day 5: 2 x 100 ml per day
Day 6: 2 x 100 ml per day
Day 7: 2 x 125 ml per day
Day 8: 2 x 125 ml per day
Day 9: 2 x 150 ml per day
Each following day: 150 ml per day
Total proportion of fat in daily ration must not exceed 5%.
For Pony half the above dose.


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Keep out of direct sunlight.
Once opened reseal packaging.


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