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The new 2-in-1 solution for treating front and hind hooves with a hoof stand.

The horse is able to relax more during its hoof care without you needing to bear its weight.
♥ Protects the back and knees
♥ Easy to use
♥ Very precise and simple height adjustment thanks to the folding set screw
♥ Support surface for the front hoof made from sturdy hardened rubber
♥ Support strap for the hind hoof made from soft and durable polypropylene
♥ An innovative design reduces the risk of injury during hoof care
♥ Suitable for various sizes and breeds of horses
♥ Also suitable for older horses that need more comfort and assistance during hoof care


Product Details

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Weight 4,07 kg 

Height 12,5 cm 

Length 51 cm 

Width 22 cm


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