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A neck-rope designed to help connect you and your horse at LIBERTY during riding.

The HEART 2 HEART neck-rope was handmade with love and designed
by Zoë Coade

The heart shaped snap is to remind you of Zoë’s advice as follows: 

♥ Named ♥ 2 ♥because to work with your horse in freedom and do it well; you need to create a bond and good communication with your horse. 

♥ The correct use of a neck-rope is to teach the horse to not lean or pull on it, but to learn to yield from it. 

♥ It works two-ways therefore the idea
of  ♥ 2 ♥ is used purposely to remind you of that. 

♥ When the horse learns to yield and stay light off of the rope it can create a respectful safety net between you and them for example; in an emergency. 

♥ A horse can only find lightness if we show them what lightness looks like first. 

♥ The packaging of this product is environment friendly.

♥ A suitable alternative for vegans!




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The neck-rope is customized and handmade to your personal request - please allow at least one week.

♥ Make sure to measure your horse all the way around the base of the neck as seen in the picture.

♥ Please just select as close to possible the measurement of your horses neck in the drop down menu and let us do the rest.

DO NOT ADD any extra length to your measurement, extra length is calculated during the making process and can mean the rope that is made for you will end up too big.

♥ When the neck-ropes are being made, 4 additional inches will be added so as to make a nice fit to your horse suitable for its purpose!

TIP: Use a flexible measuring tape or place a rope around the horses neck, mark the rope and then measure.
(see pictures above)

Neck-rope is made using an 8mm durable yet soft rope.


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Use a warm damp cloth and hang to dry.

Take care to check the knots and bindings are still secure and strong before using it.

Over using the neck-rope to stop or turn a horse will only weaken this product and affect its life span.

All horse activates can be dangerous and unpredictable; use this tool ‘at your own risk’.