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Durable slow feeder hay net/bag.

With no knots and made of extremely strong material, the net will last a very long time. 

♥ Has different mesh sizes on both sides

♥ With 7 metres of extremely strong suspension rope

♥ Does not affect tooth enamel

♥ No metal in the wire

♥ Different sized meshes for slower hay intake

♥ Less hay loss, so cleaner barn

Where best to use?

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor slow feeding of hay. 
The Hay Slowfeeder can be hung and filled vertically. 
This allows hay to be put in for several days, saving a lot of time and labour. 
The flap at the top makes it easy to close and fill this hay net. Perfect for use in the stable, box or in the meadow.

Why use a slow feeder hay net?

Horses and ponies can ingest too much hay at once.
This can cause problems such as stomach ulcers or even colic
With the Hay Slowfeeder hay net, the horse gets small amounts throughout the day. 
This greatly improves digestion, but also combats boredom (less stress). 
In addition, our nets simulate the natural way of eating in horses. 

10 kg
♥ Haynet: 100 x 90 cm
♥ This is a DUO net with 6 cm mesh on one side and 4.5 cm mesh on the other.
More than 1000 kg pull "Tensile strength".



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