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A fantastic string for learning the basics with an added twist of night visibility for your horse.

The ABC horsemanship string was handmade with love and designed by Zoë Coade

If you believe it, so will your horse.......

 ♥ To be used in combination with a horsemanship stick that has a removable string. 

♥ The string has reflective elements to help your horse see you in the dark. 

♥ The packaging of this product is environment friendly. 

A suitable alternative for vegans! 

Whilst using this string, here is some advice from Zoë: 

♥ Called the ABC string’ because of its weight and clearer energy distribution for early training. 

♥ The reflective detail is for fun and can help your horse see you in the dark. 

♥ Shorter than your average string, it enables you to feel more graceful and give a more precise communication it is also easier to store after use. 

♥ A horse can only find lightness if we show them what lightness looks like first. 


This item is handmade, which means when it is out of stock it is possible it can still be made especially for you!
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♥ Length of strong is 4.5 feet / 1.4 metres 


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Use a warm damp cloth and leave to dry on a hook or on the stick with the handle to the ground.

It is not recommended that your wrap the string around the stick for storage.

Take care to not let your horse stand on the string. 

All horse activates can be dangerous and unpredictable; use this tool ‘at your own risk’.