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A different kind of halter because it has no knots ♥

The first batch of these halters sold out in 1 hour :)

Compared to other rope halters, Zoë's are held together using binding creating extra comfort.

Zoë says: ''Often times people don't know how to do up the halter''

♥  Knot free means kinder training
♥  Light weight
♥ Suitable for all kinds of groundwork training

Color: black

Available in various sizes although we can tell you that the cob size fits most horse heads nicely ♥

If out of stock - depending on when you order it can be 0 to 10 weeks waiting time. 



Size or Dimensions

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Available in Shetland, pony, cob and full
Cob suits most head sizes including larger pony's and  smaller horses.

Product Details

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We never recommend to tie a horse wearing a rope halter.
Also to never leave them unattended whilst wearing one no matter how secure you think the environment is.
The halter material will not break if they catch the actual halter on something including themselves.

THIS PRODUCT IS  PRE-ORDER ONLY - depending on when you order it can be 0 to 10 weeks waiting time. 
New stocks arrive in June, Aug, Oct and Dec 2023. 

Special Instructions

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To design the halter without knots, it is held together with binding.
With constant use, the binding can fray, so please check this between use.
To prolong the life and care; it is possible to gently warm the frayed edges with a small flame *adult supervision required