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Delivery Time 2 - 10 Business days

A great opportunity to get feedback for your training in the comfort of your own home by Zoë

We have many options for you:

♥ Send one video of 30 minutes
♥ The video can be cut to show snippets of various trainings or a whole session
♥ Receive feedback via a voiceover within 2-4 business days
♥ For an additional €10 you can have direct contact with Zoë via WhatsApp to answer more questions.

Send the video via:

♥ WeTransfer
♥ Dropbox
♥ Google drive
Or any other large file sharing apps.

See further instructions below.



FURTHER Instructions

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When placing the order  please select a country, then choose a shipping fee which will  automatically be refunded .
The shipping fee will only be refunded so long as other items were not purchased for actual delivery.

 When the order has been placed you will receive an email order confirmation followed by another email with details how to get started.

Invoices are not automated but can be sent on request, send an email to:

The video submission is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
This deadline is to encourage you to send the video and not waste your money.
Videos sent outside the 6 month deadline will not receive a refund.

If you ordered the  additional question option, the questions can be related to the video or other and are limited to a period over 3 days.

If for whatever reason the video coaching will be delayed (either due to Zoë being ill or other circumstances) we will notify you by email. 
For this we do offer a refund depending on the wishes of the customer.

This purchase:
♥ cannot be redeemed after expiry date

♥ is non-refundable other than within the set cancellation period

♥ is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash